Michael J Weber and Debbie Lewis are veteran internet radio host who may not agree on everything, but aren’t afraid to discuss anything. Both live and work in different parts of the Midwest, but their passion is knowledge…and they don’t mind sharing!

Here’s a little about your hosts:


Michael J Weber:
I love my country. I don’t feel the same about its out-of-control and unconstitutional government. I’ve done many things in my life, from playing in a San Francisco punk band to cremating corpses. I’ve seen most of America and met so many wonderful and fascinating people. In 2015, I drove from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Anchorage, Alaska. When you drive, you get to really see how things are across America. I was born before Alaska and Hawaii were states, and, over the years, I’ve witnessed a decline in our great nation, almost to the point where it’s unrecognizable.

A veteran of a few broadcast and Internet radio shows, I love talking to people and discussing what’s going on in this crazy world. One of the highlights of my life was the privilege of co-hosting “Securing Liberty” and “Midweek Live” with Debbie Lewis.

Currently my wife Beth and I live in Oklahoma City, OK with our dog Ginger.


Debbie Lewis:
Concerned with utter complacency of the general population and troubled by the obvious lack of representation in our government, as well as the suppression of truth in the mainstream media, Debbie Lewis decided to do something about it. A mother of two, she felt changes needed to be made to protect her children and future grandchildren.

Lewis has hosted and co-hosted several radio programs over the past years, including co-hosting two programs with Michael J Weber: Securing Liberty and Midweek Live with Michael and Debbie.  She continues to conduct independent investigations, as well as writes, freelance.  Lewis was a writer, research assistant and photographer with the independent film company William Lewis Films. She has written three feature length documentaries for William Lewis Films, including Peddling Influence and Blood of Patriots. Her articles have been featured, from time to time, in the international publication Namaste Magazine and the national publications Survivalist and The Sovereign and they have appeared at several locations on the web.

She currently lives in the Midwest.